Thursday, May 18, 2006

here i am.

yello folks! you knoe deriku, you dun really have to intro me like dat..ahahha dats so funny =P and it shows how little you knoe about me *looks upward* ahhaha

i knoe i've been missing in a while..well, its been a craze in the office! u the advertising world..everything moves really fast and we've got really fucked up deadlines. so i've been pretty tied up til eARly morn almost every nite. and my weekends are stolen away from me too =(

you have been hiding in the glorious bentong for far too long now. i'm sure the first place you'd go for is kow po's ice kacang rite. but you knoe wat, they say kow po's ice kacang is nice. but for ice-cream, you oughta go for 'tak', you knoe the shop behind lian thye medicine shop.

and i have tis little secret here. ever since i graduated, i hardly goes back to kow po anymore. well, its a long story, but lets juz say dat i'm too chicken and embarrassed to see uncle kow po again. there was tis one time i used to approach him to use his shop as one of my studies for my final year proj. and later on, i kinda agreed dat i'd help him build a website and posters to be hung around the shop but i never got the time around to do it =P so whenever i'm back in bentong, i sumtimes feel like a running criminal. i'm juz plain guilty la blardy hell!

i gotta run now. but before dat..i oughta put up these 3 ads dat i used to do in my 2nd year of mmu.

tell me again bentong is beautiful..

hehe..well, just dont see the flood when it hits during the rainy season =P

this is ChristinE signing off from subang. how i wish i'm lazing around in bentong with a good book in hand.

Monday, April 24, 2006

Please welcome...Christine! has a new team member!

Everybody please welcome Ms. Christine Liew aka Chian Min, a lovely girl now working in the city but true to heart Bentongite nonetheless.

Christine was my classmate during kindergarten...I know this although I only have a vague recollection of how my kindergarten days were. She went on to study in the US for a period of time then came back to her hometown to continue her secondary education. A very fun girl and a cool babe as well.

I know I haven't been updating this much, blame it on the nagging thesis writing I have on my hands currently. But if you guys want to see some lovely pics ala Tourism Malaysia style, you can visit Christine's blog here. She's got some wonderful shots of our hometown so check it out!

Will be back in good old Bentong once I settle all my stuff here. Sell off the furniture, pack up the stuff I've accumulated for 5 years here, settle all the bills etc etc. There's a lot to do but I'm really looking forward to going back home again, though it'll only be a month until I start work in KL.

Til then, have fun people!

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

First post

Hi people! I dunno if you're from the same hometown as me, or you just happened to chance by this blog. Anyway, this blog's a tribute to me hometown, BENTONG, located right smack in the middle of peninsular Malaysia. Kampung Kid is literally translated as "village kid" since the place where I come from is considered a town...though it is moving on quite rapidly nowadays.

Though I wasn't born here, I was raised and spent 18 wonderful years living in this peaceful little sanctuary called Bentong. I've come to realize that, though being a resident here, I don't really know my own hometown. A probable reason is I don't go out too much, so if you want me to introduce the best chicken rice here, I'd probaby have to think for some time before answering.

Initially I was hoping to register the name but it was already taken by someone named Ben Tong (!), so I chose instead.

So, through this blog, I'm hoping to discover more of my hometown, and put down my jottings here. Please let me know if you yourself are a fellow Bentongite and would like to contribute to this blog.

Til then, cheers!